Our Story

Where it all started


I am a retired Engineer / Teacher instructor.

In 2010 at age 45 I had a major heart attack and stroke. My entire world changed.

I had set up insurance policies that would take care of me if something happened, They failed after a year. I had extra medical cobra insurance, it too failed after only 4 months.

I had severe brain injury that left me unable to take care of myself on a daily basis at that time. I fought back but just could not get over the hump of being fully independent.

I had a lot of memory problems. Due to cuts in 2015 and in 2016 my disability resources started to shrink. My rent being the lowest in the county literally was so much that after my disability check and retirement I had $12 to live on.

I did get $20 per month for food stamps. I had no family around me at the time and no one knew really what was happening to me.

In 2016 I had to start rationing my food down to 6 ounces a day.  I am diabetic type 2 so this did a lot of damage.

I got down to 129 lbs at 5'9".
I starved so badly and was very malnourished that I had another heart attack and stroke. 

A friend who I knew and who lived in the same RV park as I did became my good friend Sam.

He moved in with me when they got me healthy enough to go home from the hospital and he took care of me. He started to help me and teach me self health.

He helped me see that my experience and my disability was not a bad thing but a path to learn from.

At the same time a friend of the family whom I have known for several years named Lisa started to help nurse me back to health also.

I told her of my dream and project that I had been designing for over 20 years.

I said it has been my life's goal to start a project to feed people.

Now a year later she is my better half. My partner not only in life but in this nonprofit also. Both Lisa and Sam are now members of our board.

I can still work with the help of others. This is my new life. I am dedicated fully to this cause. It has resurrected me in ways I cannot even begin to tell.

I feel I was lucky to go through what I went through. It was a blessing in itself because this is where I find my peace and freedom.

This is where I am no longer disabled when I am in service of others.

Because each of us have experienced life and the suffering around us, we as a team have dedicated our lives fully to helping ease and end the suffering of hunger in our local area and beyond.

I know there are others who went through these types of suffering.

If you have and have survived it, and you want more to life then please come join our team and help us feed every one we can together!!!!