Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To feed the people.

Our mission is to deliver emergency food supplies  to those in need that can not make it to the food pantries or food banks due to location and lack of public transportation

Our main goal and mission is to insure that no one within our local area of service will ever have  to worry about where their next meal will come from.

We do this by partnering up with local stores, communities, and other private and public funding.

Each person in our area of service receives once a month food supplies, donated items, to help them get through the month.

If your mission is to end hunger please join us and help us even one family at a time. Together we can defeat hunger!

Our mission is not just to feed people.
As we grow  our non profit we plan to gain funds to purchase land and start our organic farming project to create a self sustaining food project.

How we start

  As you know, needy families and individuals in our community go without proper food, every day, due to a variety of factors.

While all of us are susceptible to hard times, children, disabled persons, and the elderly are at the most risk, and they make up the largest number of clients we serve.

With the generous support of people like yourself, we will be able to help many of these families and individuals not only to meet essential daily needs, but your donation gives them hope and food security. We accept store gift cards (which we will use in the same store to exchange for food) and non expired non perishable food items.

We have our EIN number for your charitable donation tax deduction. We also have our 501c3 paper work for your review along with our City of Escondido Business License. We are a public charity serving the unincorporated area of Escondido.

Thank you again, and we look forward to working with you in reducing food insecurity within our community.  

Our plan for the furutre

This is a conceptual layout of our planned future. We are excited to be on the rad to our ultimate goal!