When receiving donation we want you the donator to have the assurance that we do use 100% of your donation to serve those most in need under our programs operation.

We place each month our reporting right on our front page so that our company is 100% transparent when it comes to financials.

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Announce coming events

We have started our Self Sustaining program. This program sets up our clients with potted vegetables in order the help educate our clients on self sustainability by growing their own vetables.

We feel that, if you just give out food your not completely helping remove food insecurities. If you teach a person to grow their own food, you greatly reduce food insecurities on a community level.

If you would like to help we need your donation in order to expand and grow this project.

Needs list:

We are presently building a new pantry, we are in need of:
QTY (20) 2x2's 8' long
QTY (4) 4x8 sheet of ply for outside facing of the pantry

Box of 2" sheet rock screws

Box of 3" sheet rock screws

QTY (3) 4x8 sheet ply for flooring.

QTY (1 Gal) white outdoor paint.

Items like school supplies, art supplies,
gift cards, vegetable seeds, and any other type of item can be sent to:

Resurrection Circle Inc.
30012 Old Hwy 395 Spc 94
Escondido, Ca 92026